Staffing and HR compliance: Creating new Kitchen staffing structure (types of positions, quantities of each, scheduling), job listings/postings, interviews including cooking interview, kitchen employee compensation and benefits package assistance (positioning benefits to create highest perceived opportunity, horizontal team structure)

Navigating Service Included versus state dictated tips structure for compliance

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) development: including certifications, BOH presentation, food safety compliance, station safety, cleanliness, setup and breakdown, and communication on the line and between BOH and FOH.

Systems integration and management (vendor to inventory, inventory to service programs, inventory to P&L)

Screening, selecting and onboarding culinary interns (including program management and compliance with university programs)

FOH and BOH safety compliance and health inspection course corrections




Menu theme and dish development and refresh

Plating, styling and food photography (includes both styling for service as well as marketing shoots for online/print)

Recipe development, testing, consistency-building, cataloging/indexing and organization

Growing ingredients onsite

Recipe costing, inventory management and automation




BOH operations: efficiency optimization and space maximization (includes audits of walk-in fridge and freezer with cataloging options)

New program development (for businesses looking to add a shift or service beyond current offerings)

Cross house collaboration: getting FOH and BOH to speak the same language

Special event consulting: industry collaboration dinners including menu development, end to end event conception, coordination and execution (inclusive of both business side as well as all cooking and BOH/FOH execution)

Vendor management and organization, including price negotiation and vendor consolidation or expansion

Business and marketing: in bound versus outbound marketing strategy

Annual marketing flow, calendar and task management (can include additional consulting for blog posts, social content creation and how-to guides if needed)